Your partner for contract precision parts manufacturing

Flexible solutions for a wide variety of industries: Be it customers from the automotive industry, electric motor industry, pharmaceutical industry or other areas: Landtwing Wekzeugbau AG offers you a wide range of services in precision mechanics and parts manufacturing.

Our competencies in CNC contract manufacturing include CNC milling, CNC turning and all associated partial steps such as punch-stacking and contract punching, grinding work such as profile grinding and jig grinding, cylindrical grinding and flat grinding. Further areas of expertise include wire-cut eroding and the demagnetisation of workpieces – for spot-on results with perfect surfaces.

Be it prototype or one-off manufacturing, small or large series: our modern machinery, know-how and many years of experience are the basis for manufacturing high-precision turned and milled parts – and that’s how it’s been for almost 70 years. In the heart of Switzerland in Zug. Easy to reach without long transport routes.

CNC turning for parts up to 500 mm in diameter and 1000 mm in length

Custom-made parts for a wide variety of industrial applications: we offer you highly sophisticated turned parts in contract manufacturing. In small series, large series, as a one-off product or prototype. The target groups for our parts manufacturing offerings include the automotive, electric motor and pharmaceutical industries. Especially here, where maximum precision is required, we as an experienced and reliable specialist benefit thanks to our modern machinery and exploit current automation possibilities to your advantage. This shortens development times and means your product is ready for the market sooner.

We manufacture CNC turned parts according to your specifications for parts up to 500 mm in diameter and 1000 mm in length. We also check every component as part of quality control in our own measuring centre.

CNC milling and drilling for parts up to 1250 mm in length and 880 mm in width

CNC milling is ideal for high-end applications, such as tasks in the pharmaceutical industry or other high-tech industries, ensuring high accuracy and repeatability. This allows us to reliably manufacture parts with very close tolerance ranges – and at a very reasonable price-performance ratio, from prototypes to series manufacturing and for the highest requirements.

We offer you CNC milling and drilling for parts up to 1250 mm in length and 880 mm in width Here, too, the manufacturing process is followed by thorough quality control, allowing you to rely on perfect results.

Your advantage: our decades of experience in eroding

If a very hard material such as titanium, hardened steel or a special alloy is not suitable for conventional machining processes in cutting technology, you turn to eroding. With this technique, the workpiece’s surface is removed with maximum precision using spark or electrical eroding.

Whether it’s vertical eroding, start hole eroding or wire eroding: we have a wealth of experience in all processes and in handling hard metals, and manufacture items with an exact tolerance of 0.002 mm. One-off products as well as prototypes for the automotive industry, electric motor industry, pharmaceutical industry and other industries.

We would be happy to advise you on the technology suitable for your project.

Grinding needs experience – Landtwing Werkzeugbau has it...

As part of the machining manufacturing process, grinding is an important process step in fine-machining and refining workpieces.

Very high levels of accuracy for dimensions and shape can be achieved here, whether it’s cylindrical grinding, profile grinding, surface grinding and jig grinding. Regardless of which process is used, Landtwing Werkzeugbau AG is the right company for you. As to shape and surface, we provide optimal results with the best quality. And with an exact tolerance of up to 0.002 mm.

Punching is one of our core competencies

We punch according to your order with tools up to 1500 mm, regardless of whether you need sheet metal or punch-stacked parts. With combined cutting, several lines are cut in a single stroke. The automotive and electric motor industries as well as the pharmaceutical industry benefit from such precisely punched parts. We would be happy to advise you in detail on the subject of punching – we look forward to your call.

Measuring and demagnetising your parts and tools

Accurate manufacturing also includes an exact measurement of the precision part. We take on this task for you in the course of quality control as well as demagnetisation. Demagnetisation is of particular importance, because metal particles that adhere to magnetic parts can cause severe damage and machine failures, for example, in the motor, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Demagnetisation is therefore a sign of quality which not only gives you a competitive advantage, but also minimises the risk of significant costs caused by breakdowns and repairs. We demagnetise your parts reliably – even large components and tools in an assembled state.

Zu einer exakten Fertigung gehört auch die genaue Vermessung des Präzisionteils. Diese Aufgabe übernehmen wir im Zuge der Qualitätskontrolle ebenso für Sie, wie das Entmagnetisieren. Dem Entmagnetisieren kommt eine besondere Bedeutung zu, denn durch anhaftende Metallpartikel an magnetischen Teilen können in der Anwendung schwere Schäden und Ausfälle von Maschinen, zum Beispiel in der Motoren- oder Automobil- sowie Pharmaindustrie, entstehen.

Das Entmagnetisieren ist also ein Qualitätsmerkmal, das Ihnen nicht nur einen Wettbewerbsvorteil verschafft, sondern auch das Risiko von hohen Ausfall- und Reparaturkosten minimiert. Wir entmagnetisieren Ihre Teile zuverlässig – auch grosse Komponenten und Werkzeuge im zusammengebauten Zustand.